Friday, September 30, 2005

A History of Violence

I saw A History of Violence today, and it's a good film.

Viggo Mortensen continues to do a solid job of (A) showing that he'll never be forever typecast as Aragorn, and (B) that he's a top-notch actor.

As a matter of fact, though the story is a bit disjoint, the acting pretty much across the board is A-List. Besides Mortensen, Maria Bello (*sigh*) does a knockout job, I've never not liked Ed Harris, and William Hurt (who I do generally like), did a surprisingly "different" performance (at least as I saw it).

And Ashton Holmes was a new face and performance for which I sat up and took note -- and I'm grateful David Cronenberg gave him so much opportunity.

Speaking of Cronenberg -- I do think he's talented. I also think he tends to be a bit gatuitous for gratuitous sake, and that presence in this film detracts from specific moments, and a bit from the film in general.

Overall, I think A History of Violence is worth seeing.

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